Lots of items listed at $0?

Hello! I LOVE the selection of items available, especially because my niche is generally small. But here, I found almost 1000 items that fit!

However, after importing to my store, I find many items are coming up as $0. I can edit them 1-by-1, but is there an easier way, or a way to not have this happen?



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  • I thought maybe, it was my markup, since it seems that markups on domestic items are strongly discouraged. So, I got rid of that and imported again. Now, all items are $0...

    Actually, there's sold out items, and then the rest are $0 and have no inventory numbers in Shopify (says N/A). What's going on here? I'm in love with the products, so I hope to get help so I don't have to use another app!! :)

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  • Hey Kimberly,


    We're looking into it! Should have an answer by end of day!

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  • Can't wait! I tried out many other apps, and none had the selection you have!

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  • Hi Kimberly.

    Could you please give me the name of the shop you are trying to use with the Two Tap Hub?

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  • unicornprincesdotnet

    I just tried again, and the prices come up now! But many of the products say N/A for inventory. Is that usual? That makes me a little nervous, but if it's usual, I won't worry.

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  • Ohh, the ones that say N/A are coming up $0...

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  • Hello Kimberly,


    There was an edge case where a few products couldn't have the inventory updated. It's fixed now. I also started a resync of all your products just to be sure everything is ok.

    Please let us know if you find other issues with he import process.


    Thank you for letting us know about this.

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  • Wonderful, thanks so much!

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