Earning a profit

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There are two ways of earning a profit: commissions or marking up prices.

For Domestic orders the encouraged model is commissions, where suppliers will pay you every time you make a sale. This is different from the wholesale model where you start with a lower price and mark it up to make a profit. Especially domestically, you don't want to compete with the end brands themselves on prices. 


Two Tap will add money your deposit from these commissions 30 to 60 days after the order was placed (per their individual payment terms). The commissions for products and stores are listed in the Two Tap dashboard.


Right now, unlike standard dropshipping, Two Tap's commission rate are smaller. Two Tap offers products from both retailers (or aggregators of brands), that have tiny starting commission rates - ~5%, and the brands directly, whom are able to offer higher commissions, ~10-15%. This is offset by having genuine products from reputable US brands.


Two Tap works non-stop in the background to improve the commission rates. The more sales that are being sent to the supplier, the bigger the chances are that Two Tap will be able to offer better rates. Meaning, your margins will constantly increase!


If you are shipping the products internationally via a freight forwarder, you can safely mark up prices to cover your costs.

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