Credit Cards

The forum looks so empty! I thought that I would start off some discussion with clarifications around credit cards.

In /purchase the fields_input (which contains credit card number, expiration, and CVV) is a hash object. Two questions:

  1. If I need to put the credit card number, expiration, etc, into the object that assumes that I have all that information in my database (and I'm subject to PCI). If I don't want the burden of PCI compliance and would rather use something like Stripe, can I do that or is it pretty much impossible because we're injecting orders via code?
  2. How does sending you a hash of the object get the credit card info to the e-commerce site? Is it hashed with the private key you assign to me, so you decode the hash and send the clear text to the e-commerce site?

Thanks for your reply! I think your API might be exactly what I'm looking for.

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  • Hey Bryan!


    Thanks for reaching out. 

    1) Use something like Spreedly or Two Tap's wallet to store information client side. Then server-side just store & reuse the tokens you get back. Please keep in mind that storing the cvv is not allowed.


    If you look at / One suggested implementation flow, on the Frontend - Cart page you can push the checkout information to one of the wallet providers.


    Alternatively a lot of TT customers take advantage of one time use virtual credit cards and become the merchant of record themselves.


    2) Yes, inside TT's PCI DSS scope a request is made to the retailer site where information is entered just as a customer would. 

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  • Thanks for the fast response Radu!

    > ...and become the merchant of record themselves.

    I don't want to deal with customer support emails and returns. I just want my affiliate revenue.

    Question: Shopify is the only e-commerce package supported right now, is that correct? If my partner uses Shopify, I can use the API and my partner doesn't even have to install anything?

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  • Are you referring to Shopify as a supplier (eg. as a store that has the products) or a reseller (eg. the store that doesn't carry any inventory)?

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  • The supplier (I think). I'm thinking of a specific commerce partner of ours that uses Shopify as their e-commerce technology. Would they need to do anything for me to inject orders using the TwoTap API?

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  • They just have to create a Two Tap supplier account. That's it.

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  • Category Attributes

    Hi All,

    Is there any way go get category_attributes from two-tap.

    I'm able to get the variant product information from two-tap but not able to get category_attributes information.

    so please help me how can I get category_attributes information from two-tap.

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