Advanced private wallet with Spreedly


I am able to do purchase with noauthCheckout via twotap API. Now I am trying to use private wallet using Spreedly test gateway. Are their any different steps for advance private wallet?

Which of the approach makes more sense :-

  1. Create a wallet/ card at spreedly test gateway via Spreedly API
  2. Retrieve Spreedly card via twotap wallet/retrieve with same email address …get user_token
  3. Do purchase with user_token and localCheckout


  1. Create purchase at Twotap
  2. Do payments via Spreedly
  3. After payment confirmation at Spreedly, do purchase confirmation at TwoTap?

Please advice.



If you are using Spreedly you don’t need Two Tap’s /wallet requests. Two Tap is a PMD on Spreedly.

First you store payment information in Spreedly just like you normally would, and they send back a token.

Then, instead of making a request to, you make a “meta” request to Spreedly’s API telling it to call after it changes the payment token with the real payment information.