Can the Cart Interface detect coupon code submission on postMessage events?


Hi Team TwoTap!

I’ve been going through the postMessage events during the purchase flow with Cart HTML5 interface to see if a coupon code has also been attached to the cart_contents field when a user gives one. But, a coupon field doesn’t seem to be included in the postMessage events, so I’m wondering if this is not actually featured on the Cart Interface. Any thoughts on this?

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Hey npatrick,

We pushed an update that should send the coupons as well. Can you please test it out?



Hi radu,

Yes! postMessage does dispatch a coupon field now. Thank you so much! I was hoping that it would also provide info on how much discount the coupon activates just like what the Cart Interface says besides the coupon code. Any chance that this would be available?

Thanks again for the work that the team has done!


The estimates will not be available via postMessage. You can find the real prices in the confirm callback.


Will do then. Thanks a lot radu! :+1::+1: