Shopify shipping estimates (Carrier Services)

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In order to estimate the shipping costs for an order from a customer, you have two scenarios.

1. If you are selling only Two Tap products in your Shopify store, you may opt-in to use the Two Tap Shipping Estimates through the Shopify Carrier Services*. 

When a user creates or updates a Shopify cart, Shopify pings the Hub and tells it what products are present to the cart and where they need to ship. Then the Hub responds back to Shopify when the customer is on the "Shipping method" page with accurate shipping estimates for the products in the cart and you will capture that amount from the customer.

The Hub estimates the shipping costs only for the Two Tap Products in the cart.


2. If you are selling Two Tap and non Two Tap products than you should take into account the shipping costs for the Two Tap products in your own shipping methods.

To make this easier for you to estimate the shipping costs, you may find shipping estimates for different destinations and quantities on each product page and the channel settings page.


Not being able to select different shipping methods for different products in the cart is a Shopify limitation. The customer may only choose one shipping method for all products in the cart.

When Shopify supports this feature, we will be more than happy to add support for it right away.


The shipping costs may vary according to different factors: stores, quantities and destinations.


*In order to use the Shopify Carrier services your store must be on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher or if the Shopify plan is paid annually.

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