Using API, Why the Product URLs are not coming from Retailer stores?



I have been using Twotap API for the past one month.Now i am facing a problem which is unable to extract the products from the stores like boutiquetoyou and these are already existed on twotap, using their respective site_id. So please let me know why the products are not coming.
Thank you.


Hey Raj,

What URLs are you trying to use? If I try, for instance, on, it works OK.


I am using /product/scroll in API docs, for example i am added a filter which has the site_id of boutiquetoyou store. So using this site_id, I want to get all the products with urls and information of products from that boutiquetoyou. But using site_id i am getting the below response.


With in this there is zero product objects.I think you are understood my problem and let me know why the products are not coming using the site_id.



Two Tap doesn’t have all the supported stores enabled in the Product Catalog. You can see which ones are active by filtering feed_support = true at

Two Tap’s needs a daily updated retailer feed in order to build a delta of product changes. We usually get the feed from the store affiliate programs. I don’t believe we’ve applied to Boutique To You’s program.


Thanks a lot Radu.

Now i am able to see the products using site_id. My problem is get solved by the support of you. I have a doubt, there are 3,539 site_id’s in the twotap but out of these only 172 retailers are supported. I think it is very small in number.Why this is like small in number. Is there any problem with the retailers because they are not supported for product feed.


Building product catalogs is a BD effort. We’re reaching out and asking permission as fast as we can.