Using TwoTap Web Example, Getting ambiguous behaviour


Hi I am new on TwoTap and facing some issues regarding product adding in cart such as

1. Price NaN

2. Getting incorrect Price

3. Not getting any Data from product URL*b0&campaign=affiliate/linkshare/usa/&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=linkshare&utm_campaign=adsus&utm_campaign=linkshare&ia-pmtrack=50440005&siteID=PPkX79_c.b0-Ib45Oot7wqYucFhJdq.lzA

i have downloaded and used two-tap-backend-example which i got from github.

you quick response with solution will highly appreciated.



The stylebop URL seems to be working OK on our end (you can try it on

On ASOS you are sending UK product URLs and the store is integrated in the US. We’ll make sure to check for that and disable the non-US products.


how we set default country for products urls


and also one more question how can we change the currency in web-master example.


Right now Two Tap supports only domestic shipping, meaning a US retailer ships only to the US, UK one only to the UK and so on.

We did offer crossborder last year as a preview. It was a great learning experience, the most important lesson being that a reliable crossborder logistics solution is hard to find.

We’re close to signing an agreement with another provider, and should be up and running in 3-4 months.

Meanwhile, you can use Two Tap + your own crossborder provider (eg myUS). The TT WooCommerce might also be of help:



Actually i have a UK based store so how can i convert currency from dollar to pounds in my cart??
and one more thing i can’t get the option to change color from the below URL, how can i do that also ?


i need both options to covert currency from dollar to pounds and have a change color option , kindly help me with that



For performance reasons Two Tap doesn’t return an attribute when that attributes redirects to a new page (vs using JS/AJAX).

In this case, missguided redirects on clicks on color, so we have disabled it.

ASOS is integrated in the US and it returns $. If you’d like Two Tap to support ASOS in the uk you have to email and request integration.


Radu - we have sent a few emails to support , but have yet to receive a reply, - our company is Let Us Find It ( regarding Numairs query.


Checking in. Is everything OK? Did you find everything you are looking for?