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One of the most asked questions about the Hub is how is the product synchronization handled?

Once you add a product to My products it is automatically checked every 24 hours and every time the product is added to a cart/order in any of the stores that use the Two Tap Hub

When we synchronize the products we update it's info (title, description, prices etc), the variants info and their availability. 

When a product goes Out Of Stock you have, depending o the channel, multiple options to deal with this event.

In Shopify you can:

  • mark it as Out Of Stock. The product's inventory is lowered to 0 and later when it comes back in stock it will be automatically increased back to 100 making it sellable again.
  • unpublish it. The product becomes invisible to the public and later when it comes back in stock it will become visible again.
  • delete it. Completely removes the product from the Shopify Store.
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