Customize and preserve the product title and description between updates

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Before getting to how to do it, we must explain why it happens.

On the product import action, we clearly must send a title and a description. Shopify wouldn't accept the product, and it wouldn't sell very well without them.

After the product is imported, on the update action, we check if the supplier changed anything in the title or description and send it along with the update. At times the supplier updates the title or description a bit.


Some of our customers prefer to customize and overwrite the product titles and descriptions in their shops.

There are two scenarios that we thought about.

1. When you just want to stop synchronizing the title and description for one or two products.

For this scenario you just need to go onto the product edit page, click "Channel options" for the channel you have your product imported in and toggle off the "Update title and description" setting. This will stop the Hub synchronization of the title and description.


2. You want to stop synchronizing the title and description for all future products.

To do this you just need to go into you channel settings page "Channels -> YOUR CHANNEL" and toggle the "Update product title and description default state" setting.

This will influence all the products you will import in the future.


After this, the Two Tap Hub will stop updating the title and description fields for those products where you changed this setting. You may go into your Shopify admin and update them.

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